Rotary Carroll County Oktoberfest MD
Danele Shipley Memorial Arena
Westminster, MD 21157
Saturday, October 7, 2023 12-8
Sunday, October 8, 2023 12-5
Carroll Oktoberfest


Take Our Oktoberfest Trivia Challenge!

Think you know all there is to know about Oktoberfest?!

Test your knowledge here and check the answers at the bottom to see how well you scored!


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Trivia Question #1:

In what month does Oktoberfest begin?

A) August          B) September          C) October          D) November

Trivia Question #2:

How long do the festivities of Oktoberfest typically last in Germany?

A) 16-18 days         B) 10-15 days          C) 7 days          D) 3-5 days

Trivia Question #3:

In which city in Germany is Oktoberfest celebrated each year?

A) Berlin          B) Frankfurt          C) Hamburg           D) Munich

Trivia Question #4:

What is the name of the dress that women traditionally wear at Oktoberfest?

A) Doppelkinn          B) Dirndl          C) Dinglich          D) Herrenhemd

Trivia Question #5:

Jägerschnitzel is a meat-based dish that is served with which type of sauce?

A) Pepper sauce          B) Lemon sauce          C) Mushroom sauce          D) Mustard sauce

Trivia Question #6:

What is the traditional cheer that is exclaimed during the opening ceremony of Oktoberfest each year?

A) O’zapft is!          B) flüssiges Brot!          C) Prost!          D) Wunderbar!

Trivia Question #7:

About how many employees work at Oktoberfest?

A) 100         B) 4,500          C) 8,000          D) 12,000

Trivia Question #8:

Which alcoholic beverages besides beer are offered at Oktoberfest?

A) Wine      B) Champagne      C) Both A & B       D) None – only beer is served at Oktoberfest.

Trivia Question #9:

What is the legal drinking age for beer and wine in Germany?

A) 21          B) 18          C) 16          D) 15

Trivia Question #10:

When does Oktoberfest end in Germany this year?

A) October 5th        B) October 6th          C) October 7th          D) October 8th





Answers: 1) B, 2) A, 3) D, 4) B, 5) C, 6) A, 7) D, 8) C, 9) C, 10)

Scoring: Multiply the number of correct answers by 10 to get your score percentage.

(Ex. 8 correct answers  x   10   =    80%)


Tickets are still available for our Oktoberfest celebration coming up on October 5th & 6th!

Get yours today: Rotary Oktoberfest of Carroll County – TICKETS


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