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Barrel Roll Competition Entry


Product Description

$3.00 for 2 people

Competition Details:

Competitors will race two at a time along a 60 foot long course lined with straw bales. Each contestant will roll their empty barrel from the start line to a white line at the opposite end of the course. Upon reaching the white line, they will turn the barrel on its edge and return to the starting line. The winner of each race will advance to the next round.


  • All contestants must be 18 year of age or older to compete
  • All contestants must wear gloves (provided by Rotary Carroll County Oktoberfest) and closed-toe shoes (no flip-flops)
  • All contestants must sign the registration sheet before they will be allowed to compete.
  • When reaching the white line, the barrel must be brought fully upright on its end before it can be rolled back to the starting line, otherwise the contestant will be disqualified.
  • The race judge’s rulings are final.
  • Have fun (this is a fundraising event!)


Each contestant agrees that they are participating in this activity voluntarily and at their own risk and will not hold Rotary Carroll County Oktoberfest or any of its volunteers or organizers responsible in any way should an injury occur.